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Lirik Lagu Trinidad James - LA Leakers (Freestyle)

Full Lirik Lagu Trinidad James - LA Leakers (Freestyle) untuk anda. Song Lyric , "Lirik Lagu Trinidad James - LA Leakers (Freestyle) " Mp3 Lyrics. Just in here updates original lyrics from bands, solo singers, and the others. Hanya 100% lirik lagu terbaru dan terupdate disini, kadang tersedia juga chord guitar, kord guitar ataupun notasi musik dibagian bawah lirik. Cek Lirik Lagu Trinidad James - LA Leakers (Freestyle) dibawah ini :p

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Trinidad James - LA Leakers (Freestyle) Lyrics

I said two hoes i’m too show
Fuck them other eat that two hoe
Damn boy you nasty,
Lame hoe you didn’t know
I’m t jay this my year,
Best believe it my time
Shut out clicko
I spend my south to side with dollar sign,
This new atlanta nigga what it do
Tax gang that new jewel
Thank god, nigga for the juice
Thank god nigga for the juice
Shut up to my young niggas
In the hood and designer
I’m talking gucci shoes on clip now
Them young nigga be grinding

Them prada shoes nigga too cheap
..and versace
Make them hoes say uhh
Make them hoes say uhh
Andsay damn you get some new teeth
Ain’t it about time?
I say damn lane you got your own dick
Nigga get the fuck of mine,
I got a new pill call kill yourself
Fuck nigga you should try
This swag here original, nigga wonder how they can buy it
I say em he’s just cost em like 2 g’s
Jacket out for 90s
Ain’t nothing changed don’t be mad
Nigga when you see me just say dead

L.a. Leakers
The los angeles leakers

Yeah, that was fun
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