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Lirik lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Tatiana

Full Lirik lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Tatiana untuk anda. Song Lyric , "Lirik lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Tatiana " Mp3 Lyrics. Just in here updates original lyrics from bands, solo singers, and the others. Hanya 100% lirik lagu terbaru dan terupdate disini, kadang tersedia juga chord guitar, kord guitar ataupun notasi musik dibagian bawah lirik. Cek Lirik lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Tatiana dibawah ini :p

Selamat Menikmati Lirik Lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Tatiana, untuk pilihan lainnya dari Pee Wee Gaskins Tatiana adalah sebagai berikut:

Well I’ll wait until you listen
Every words I have to say
Noticing how bad I’ve been this week
Now you’re lying on the table
With everything I’ve said to you
So let’s start over

So you and I both know

Stay with me please til at least forever
You’re my current obsession
My favorite position

You’re inner light
Do something bright
A glory without it’s victory
Every word I’ve said to you
Were the words that I mean the most
I’ll never let you go
Oh, can we stay like this forever?


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